Sunday, July 25, 2010

July 25th

Just me and my muchness playing with the camara ..hahaha July 25th Look at my loves behind me ..squish is on the couch sleep ...and Talena and Aaron ...

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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Jacob loves giving kisses to his famliy.

Hes so cute ..

This is Talena's room ...a little messy right now LOL

Me and my handsome hunny Aaron.

Don't give me that sad face ...

sad sad face ..

so cute

more sad face LOL

myturn sad face .....LOL

then it was ill get you ! ...LOL

come get some fool ...LOL

can't get me LOL

sad face

I told her to do it LOL

Kissy face ....

cheese dimples

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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Mre photos from 4 of July

My mom Doris and my niece Seci. Below my sister Teddi (Seci's mom ) and me ... not that day but here what she looks like LOL .

A few more pics from last week.

Here is Telena ready to jump.

here she is saying something to me I don't know what she was saying LOL hahaha

here are all the kids .....Jaffet , Talena, Nathaniel, and Jacob. Lovely. ......

This was the 4th of July weekend ..

Here is Grandma Deb and Grandpa Richard from Northern California .....they came to visit us . ..

 The dogs even got in dog is "HARLEY" he is my dog the tan dog is "CODY" he is grandma Deb's dog...Aaron my hubby is in the back taking pics LOL .

July 11 my house ..with my friends

This was a day my friend Kat and her kids came to my house to go to the pool ..I forgot to take pics in the pool .....but we were playing make-up afterwards  LOL it was sooo cute.

So hope you like them and click on the images to make bigger.

here was just after the pool .

Here is Talena my stepdaughter ....WOW huh ? LOL

here is my baby Squish ...he is soooo cute.  and me on the bottom with the makeup job that i did hahaha.

my friend Kat ..isn't she pretty ??? I did her makeup......LOL

 Aaron was missing all the fun LOL

 it was Brians birthday (Kat's son)

 Aaron pushing squish ...

 Looking good babe ..LOL

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